Frequently Asked Questions


What features will Waves at Pineapple Cove offer?

Waves at Pineapple Cove will allow individuals and families in Brevard County to enjoy a spacious kiddie-safe swimming area designed especially for your young children. Visitors will also enjoy concessions to quench your thirst and offer a bite to eat during your day of relaxation. An Olympic-size swimming pool will allow for invigorating exercise and swim team training, and our covered lounge and picnic table area will provide an escape from the Florida sun. All of these features will be open for all to enjoy, so we hope to see you at Waves at Pineapple Cove.

What will Waves at Pineapple Cove bring to the community?

The highly anticipated Waves at Pineapple Cove will bring volunteer opportunities to high school students and those looking to give back to the community. Our Olympic-sized swimming pool will provide a new and modern location for swim organizations and local student-athletes to train and compete within their community. To benefit those new to a pool setting, we will offer beginner lessons and water safety to meet the needs of kids of all ages.

How will Waves at Pineapple Cove benefit the community?

Waves at Pineapple Cove hopes to bring together the community in a safe and fun environment while improving our economy and local amenities. We hope to be an excellent place for family fun days and team-building activities. Additionally, Waves at Pineapple Cove will provide volunteer and job opportunities for lifeguards, concession workers, and maintenance staff while supporting Brevard County businesses. Waves at Pineapple Cove is also committed to designing a recreational facility for everyone within the community. We aim to make our mark on the community as a reliable and trustworthy part of your day-to-day life.

We look forward to seeing you at Waves at Pineapple Cove!

How can I get involved with Waves at Pineapple Cove?

At this time, you can make Waves by telling everyone you know about the project. Financial contributions benefit Waves at Pineapple Cove the most. Businesses that sponsor will have exposure throughout the pool area, and in the Waves public advertising campaigns. Individuals looking to be a Founding member and Businesses looking to partner can learn more here .

For more information, please email [email protected]

Will Waves at Pineapple Cove offer volunteer options?

Yes, we believe in “giving back more than we take,” and we hope our community will rally around Waves at Pineapple Cove to support our project through volunteering. At this time, we expect to have volunteer opportunities within our concessions area and the overall facility.

We also are open to working with corporate partners who may be interested in sponsoring a volunteer day or event. Please email us at [email protected] and let us know if you are interested in volunteering or diving in to support our community project!

How big will the pool be at Waves at Pineapple Cove?

Waves at Pineapple Cove will offer an Olympic-size swimming pool with lane designations for an exhilarating workout. If you are looking for swim team training and competitions, Waves at Pineapple Cove will be your local resource for meets. With an Olympic-sized pool, we can accommodate races sanctioned by our local swim organizations.


Let’s remember our little friends. Waves at Pineapple Cove will offer our budding swimmers a place of their own. Our kiddie-safe splash zone will have a shallow water depth, ensuring everyone feels safe and secure.


Whether you are just beginning or dream of competing in the Olympics, Waves at Pineapple Cove has something for every swimmer. Make a splash and join us!

When will Waves at Pineapple Cove be open?

Our targeted opening date is in 2025.

Will there be an area for small kids to enjoy the pool safely?

Yes! We have created a unique immersive kiddie-safe splash zone for smaller children to enjoy their day at Waves at Pineapple Cove too. Our kiddie pool will have a shallow depth and is the perfect place for children to splash about and feel secure.

We also offer beginner swim classes designed to teach kids the basics of swimming while emphasizing safety in a fun and encouraging environment. With an Olympic-size pool, our facility can accommodate larger groups looking to host their events, parties, or business gatherings.

Will Waves at Pineapple Cove have concessions?

Yes, Waves at Pineapple Cove will have food concessions and beverages available during operating hours, so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy a snack at our pool! We are dedicated to providing quality food options that won’t break the bank. Whether you’re looking for something sweet or savory, we have something for everyone. Join us and make a splash!

Will Waves at Pineapple Cove accommodate team diving?

Unfortunately, we will not be able to accommodate diving at our facility.
However, everyone will still be able to enjoy the Waves at Pineapple Cove facility and embark on a day of fun in the sun in our Olympic-sized pool, themed kiddie splash pad, concessions, and outdoor fitness facilities.

Will Waves at Pineapple Cove be open during school hours?

Waves at Pineapple Cove will be closed to the public during school hours, however, certain swim clubs, groups, or classes may operate during those hours.

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