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Waves at Pineapple Cove

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At Waves at Pineapple Cove, we want to provide an environment where people can come together, relax, and enjoy the Florida sun. Our aquatic facility will be nestled in the safe and welcoming backdrop of Pineapple Cove Classical Academy in Palm Bay. Waves at Pineapple Cove promises Space Coast residents will develop their skills in the pool, try new things, and enjoy a healthy lifestyle. All of this comes with a price tag that requires community assistance.

Why donate? At the heart of all Pineapple Cove facilities is a culture of classic American values.

Take a stake in the quality of life in Palm Bay and south Brevard. It takes a village…not just to raise kids…but to also raise donations for community-enriching projects like Waves at Pineapple Cove, one of the newest family-centric ventures being launched by the founders of Pineapple Cove Classical Academies and their upcoming trade schools. Providing a safe and community-oriented swimming facility designed for families of all ages, Waves at Pineapple Cove will provide greater Palm Bay with a world-class aquatic facility for water sports, swimming lessons, fitness classes, and family fun on the children’s splash pad.

Donation Options for Waves at Pineapple Cove:

Below are available donor levels (minimums) with associated benefits and naming right options. All donations are welcomed and benefits open for discussion. Our contact information is below…please call if you have any questions or proposals. Thank you!

Make a Splash Donors

Founders Club


Free Annual Membership for every $250

Community Supporter


Inkind Donors

We gladly accept cement, fence, roofing, window, door, hardware and appliance donations. Contact us to discuss benefit options.

Deep End Donors


 2 Free Annual Memberships and Name on Outside Movie Wall


2 Free Annual Memberships and Large Name on Inside Gym Wall


 2 Free Annual Memberships and Small Name on Inside Gym Wall

Olympic Size Donors


Call to Schedule Meeting: Includes 8 Free Annual Memberships and one of the following:

Pool Naming Rights, Splash Pad Naming Rights, or Gym Naming Rights


Call to Schedule Meeting: Includes 4 Free Annual Memberships and one of the following:

Bridge 1 Naming Rights, Bridge 2 Naming Rights, Bathroom Cabanas Naming Rights, or Ship Slides Naming Rights


Call to Schedule Meeting: Includes 2 Free Annual Memberships and one of the following:

Bleachers 1 Naming Rights, Bleachers 2 Naming Rights, Bleachers 3 Naming Rights, or Bleachers 4 Naming Rights

Donate Today


The team at Waves at Pineapple Cove is working hard to make our dream of creating a welcoming and safe aquatic recreation area for the residents of Brevard County a reality. We can only do it with the generous individuals and businesses who make up our amazing Space Coast community. Your tax-deductible donation will finance the construction and upkeep of our beautiful and accessible planned project. So please, donate today and help us make waves!